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Signature Dishes

Welcome to Linh's Pho, where we take pride in serving you the most exquisite flavors of Vietnamese cuisine. Allow us to tantalize your taste buds with our exceptional selection of signature dishes.

Spring rolls | 炸春捲 | Chả giò

Have you been craving a burst of flavor and a satisfying crunch? Look no further, because our Spring Rolls are here to dazzle your taste buds! 😍🤤

Linh's Pho_spring rolls.jpg

Summer rolls | 凍捲 | Gỏi cuốn

Are you seeking a light and vibrant dish to beat the heat? Look no further because our Summer Rolls are here to satisfy your cravings! 😍🌱🥒

Linh's Pho_summer roll.jpg

Viet ho fun noodle soup | 越式湯河粉 | Phở

Are you craving a heartwarming and flavor-packed experience? Look no further because our Pho is here to satisfy your cravings and transport you to the streets of Vietnam! 😍🍲

Linh's Pho_noodle soup.jpg

Vermicelli noodle (served cold) | 凍檬 | Bún chả giò

Are you searching for a refreshing and vibrant dish t? Look no further because our Vermicelli Noodle is here to tantalize your taste buds and keep you cool! 😍🌿🥕

Linh's Pho_vermicelli noodles.jpg

Deep fried cuttlefish cake | 炸墨魚餅 | Bánh mực nang

Are you looking for homemade cuttlefish cake? This is one of our customers' favourte and a Linh's Pho signature dish.

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